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These are some of the larger items that I have received so far.

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Free accessories
Free Amazon vouchers
Free iPod Touch 2G

Many freebie sites have appeared in the news, so below is only a touch on the media coverage (there was a lot of coverage on ‘’ because it was the first major site to start giving away free products.  The company now is called Freepay and offer much more than just iPods).

If you read T3 magazine then you should already know about the ‘Free Tech’ section they host, and will have seen the reviews for sites like Freebiejeebies.  To the right is a clipping from T3 magazine and shows a mini review and rating of the site.  I have seen Freebiejeebies featured in T3 at least 5 times recently when flicking through.

Most of the information and advice that I have received has came from the ever growing freebie community eXceem.  Below is a live feed of the

‘I got my free item thread’ where users post their newest received gifts.


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