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How does it work?

Incentive websites (aka reward sites, freebie sites) are able to send out ‘free’ gifts due to commission they receive from large advertisers.  When you sign up to an incentive site, you must complete an advertising offer and then refer some friends to do the same, and this is where the money is made.  Quite often there are free offers, so you really can get practically anything you want (as long as you refer enough friends) for 100% free.

Other offers you may have to pay for, but they are usually only £5 or £10.

So who gets what out of all this?  I have put this simple table together so you can see how much the three contributing parties (including you) spend, and how everyone ends up in a positive situation.

In this example we’ll imagine you want one of those new ‘talking’ 4gb iPod Shuffles.


Free Nintendo DSi
Free iPod Nano

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The profit the incentive company makes would usually be higher, but as the iPod Shuffle is just out (and Apple’s profit margin for this particular gadget is 72%) it looks to be a little less.

The same theory applies to every major incentive site out there, and I can personally guarantee that as long as you use one of the larger reputable incentive networks, it is totally safe and you will get your free item.  All the links on this site are 100% safe, and tested by tens of thousands of happy customers.

A lot of people complain about these sites because they aim for an expensive gift straight away, and just can’t manage to refer the high number of people needed.  The key is to aim for something small first, like a £10 Amazon voucher and then move up, collecting iPods and whatever else on the way!

Check out the Proof page to see what I have received, and the media coverage.

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