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Incentive marketing (also known as affiliate marketing), is a modern concept with the aim of directing customers to large companies by offering free gifts in return.  These range from free GHD hair straighteners to free MacBooks and much more.

The concept is simple, affiliate advertisers pay a unique incentive site for every customer that is directed their way.  Advertisers include Coral, Intuit, LoveFilm, HSBC, Sky and many other well known and reputable companies.

This website is designed to explain and help you claim your free Apple MacBook or any one of the other great products which incentive sites offer. We only link to trusted incentive sites who abide by the data protection act (of 1987), to ensure that your details are safe.  At no point during claiming for your free Apple product or other gift will you receive spam.


“Would you be willing to try a two week free trial under NO OBLIGATION and claim a Free MacBook?”

By clicking any of the images below you will be able to complete the no obligation trial offer of your choice, whether it be Intuit or Lovefilm.  Once you have signed up and the offer is completed you will qualify for your Apple MacBook.

Free iPhone 3Ghttp://www.rewardguide.co.uk/claimhttp://www.rewardguide.co.uk/claimshapeimage_3_link_0
Free iPod Nanohttp://www.rewardguide.co.uk/claimhttp://www.rewardguide.co.uk/claimshapeimage_4_link_0
Free iPod Touchhttp://www.rewardguide.co.uk/claimhttp://www.rewardguide.co.uk/claimshapeimage_5_link_0
Free iPod Nano
Free iPod Touch
Free iPhone

To claim any of the above gifts free, simply select your free gift then sign up, complete one of the  offers listed and you qualify to claim your free gift.

If you are feeling unconvinced (which is only normal) then please check out the How Does It Work and Proof pages to see in detail how claiming these gifts can be achieved, and see what the hundreds of people on the forum eXceem are receiving every week.

Free Xbox 360
Free PS3
Free Xbox 360http://www.rewardguide.co.uk/claimhttp://www.rewardguide.co.uk/claimshapeimage_6_link_0
Free Sony PS3http://www.rewardguide.co.uk/claimhttp://www.rewardguide.co.uk/claimFree Sony PS3

Residents from the following countries are eligible to claim a free MacBook: Australia - Austria - Belgium - Brazil - Canada - China - Czech Republic - Denmark - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hong Kong - Hungary - India - Indonesia - Italy - Japan - Malaysia - Mexico - Netherlands - New Zealand - Nigeria - Norway - Pakistan - Philippines - Poland - Portugal - Republic of Ireland - Romania - Russia - Singapore - South Africa - Spain - Sri Lanka - Sweden - Switzerland - Taiwan - Thailand - Turkey - United Arab Emirates - UK - USA -

(If you are not listed above then contact us)

Free MacBook


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